Sunday, March 16, 2014

I Wonder...

As a pre-service elementary teacher, I created this blog post to fulfill the requirements for EDUC 383: Science and Health Curriculum and Instruction. 

The purpose of this photo essay, as outlined in the syllabus, is to have a product that will maintain a positive environment of inquiry in the classroom, teach using alternative methods of instruction to reach all learners, and create in children the desire to learn about the world and God through science. 

The following photos elicit questions in the categories of life science, physical science, and earth science. Some of the photos contain questions from more than one branch of science as there are multiple things that can be questioned and learned from one simple snapshot. I'm eager to share these photos with the young scientists in my classroom and explore God's creation together!

Life Science
What makes new leaves start to grow in the spring? How do they spring out of the end of those branches? What makes the leaves green instead of brown like the bark?

This plant is on lying on the rocks by the ocean.  What kind of plant is it? Why doesn't it have any leaves?

How does this tree survive and get nourishment in a land of cement? Are the roots still growing?

I wonder why these fish have a shiny appearance? What is it in their skin or scales that causes them to be different colors?

Physical Science
How do the harp string notes change when these levers are used to tighten or loosen the strings? 

 How do these heavy buildings not fall over when storms come? What is in the air that makes it that color above the city?

What makes steam? I wonder what makes the steam go straight up instead of dispersing into the air or curling?

How fast and forceful does the ladybug have to move its wings to lift off the grass? How much does this lady bug weigh? How long could it fly?

How do those water droplets stick on the branches? What's holding the water together? I wonder how long they could hang there before falling?

 Earth Science
Why are the icicles different lengths? Why can't I see through them like I can through liquid water. I wonder how heavy icicles are.

How does this windmill create energy? How many houses could one windmill produce energy/electricity for? 

What kind of things might have worn away at the paint on this church? What type of weather might be the hardest on outdoor surfaces?

What is the moon made out of? What are those dark shadowy spots on the surface? How does it reflect the sun when we can't see the sun?