Thursday, September 15, 2011

To the Beach!

These pictures are from the lagoon we stayed at last week for a short little holiday. We set up two tents in the sand on the beach and made it our little home for a couple of days. We read books, snorkeled, played on the beach with the local children, and cooked on our little campfire in the sand. We drank and ate coconuts straight off the trees and had a great cultural experience. I attempted climbing one of the coconut trees like the locals do with a little rope around my ankles, but after getting up a couple meters, I didn’t have enough muscle to get back down, so I just kind of slid down leaving me extremely bruised and scratched! Claire stepped on sea urchins when we were exploring in the water, and still has them in her heel to this moment, causing her much pain...we don't know how to get them out. Other than those two events, we had a wonderful time at the beach.


  1. I'm glad you are getting out and seeing so much!!! What a wonderful, full year you are having... But ouch!!! I'm sorry about Claire's accident... When I lived on Guam as a girl, we never went into the ocean without tennis shoes on. Even flip-flops aren't good enough, because sharp things (like sea urchin spines!) can still puncture the sides of your feet. There are also things you can step on, like stonefish, which can do lots more damage than sea urchins. Hot water soaks might be useful now to relieve pain, and some swear by vinegar soaks, but unless she picks the spines out, she'll just have to wait until they dissolve... Have (safe) fun over there in that beautiful water!!!

    P.S. Still praying for you daily...

  2. Wow, beautiful pictures! I went to Tanga twice but never made it down to Pangani. Looks like you all had a wonderful vacation (minus the sea urchins). Hope Claire gets the spines out of her heel soon. I know how nerve-wracking it is walking in the water with so many of those things around. LOVE the picture of you and "Africa" on the beach!!

  3. More fabulous photos! Love that gecko...looks like he had his head painted, or his body bleached!!!
    Sure do love your updates! xo
    It's hard to believe that you have the same sun setting where you are, as we do here in Canada. You are not all that far away! xoxo

  4. Beautiful pictures! You are such a good photographer! Love you and miss you!