Friday, February 24, 2012

Rahim, Rahman & Careen

Twins, Rahim and Rahman left Cradle of Love in December. Their father came to pick them up and take them back to his village quite unexpectedly. Though we were happy to see them go to their family, it was hard let them go because they were both so special. Rahim was an incredibly bright boy and he was a funny character. One time when he had just started to potty train, one of the nannies, Francisca, came into the play room and told him it was time to go sit on the potty. So he stood up, dropped his pants, looked around at all of us, waved goodbye, and shuffled out of the play room with his pants around his ankles and a proud look on his face...headed to the potty. He was just a super funny kid! His twin, Rahman, was way behind him in development. He learned to walk while I was here and also started to try talking. He would always walk around with his hands in the air as if to say "I'm innocent!" Rahman's smile was big and beautiful and it was enough to capture anyone's heart. I hope they have adjusted well to their family life and are growing strong. They are missed here.

Careen was like the little police here. She was always running around making sure no babies were fighting and if they were, ensuring that the kids in the wrong were saying sorry to the innocent ones and so forth. Her Swahili was much better than her English and she would spout off her lectures and chastising to the toddlers in Swahili if they were being naughty. She was a very good helper with the little ones and it was always so sweet to watch her entertain the babies lying on the mat. During my first couple of months here, Careen would throw the biggest temper tantrums! They were awful. But, as the months went by and the older children left, it was amazing to watch her mature and take their role as a helper and teacher. I ended up really admiring Careen a lot. 
Both her and Rahim were the two children who would give me new hairstyles after supper every night. I miss getting my hair done by these two. Careen would always check to see if she was pulling my hair too hard and tell me not to cry and let me know I was looking beautiful in Swahili as she yanked on my hair and twisted it around. Such a sweetie!
Careen is now living in Dar es Salaam with her adopted family. I hope she, also, has adjusted and will grow and flourish with them.


  1. Gorgeous pictures of those three beautiful children! I spent a lot of time with the twins because they were my friend Kezia's boys, especially Rahman. She did so much work with him and wished so badly she could see both of them walking before she left. I'm so glad to know Rahman did eventually learn to walk. Hope they're both thriving with their father and their new mother.

    I loved Karin so much, but she didn't care to do too much with me most of the time. She is a simply gorgeous child and I, too, hope she is fitting in well with her new family. Great to hear that she matured and took over older-children's roles when they left. That's a great thing to see, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for blogging Bethany, always such a pleasure to read you blog, and your pics are just amazing!

    Made me tear up to read about Rahmani and Rahimu, they are in my heart and in my prayers all the time. Miss them so much that it hurts, but I hope they are doing well with their dad.