Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Skiing

                                                                            Brookie Cookie
                                                                      Surrounding Mountains

                                                                             Spiffy Beau
                                                                      Nathan taking a slide
                                                                              Beautiful lake
                                                                                 trying to fly
                                                             Daddy snapping a picture of Beau's jump
                                                                     Mr. Beau and his shadow
                                                                       Beau and Brooks
                                                                          the three of us!

My sister, Brooklyn, turned 8 on March 20 and my brother, Beau, turned 17 on March 24 so we went skiing right in the middle on March 22 to celebrate both birthdays! (and partly because it was "girls ski free" day)
Everyone can out-ski me now. Brooklyn zooms ahead, blond pony-tail flying behind her. Beau zooms ahead all ducked down low and flies over jumps, making me shiver. Dad zooms ahead, carving the mountain behind them to catch them both on video so Mom, (cuddled in front of the cozy fire at home) can watch them ski! This leaves me snow-plowing down the hill by myself as I try not to run into other people's paths. As for me, I would have a heart attack if I were to go any faster, so I'm quite content to coast down on my own time. I'm proud of my speedy-skier-siblings, though! We had lovely weather and good friends to share the day with us.

I know I have said that I would continue to blog about Africa and I haven't done that yet. I just got to college so  my blogging time is going to diminish significantly, but I hope to update once a week or so and be able to share some more pictures, stories, and last thoughts about my time in Tanzania.

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  1. Wow, I sooo miss seeing those types of mountains. I love that Korea has mountains, and even some pretty tall and craggy ones, but their distinct lack of evergreen trees is about more than I can handle... I NEED green here pretty soon or I might just burst! Haha, sounds how I ski. I don't care who's whizzing down the hill in front of me, I just want to stay upright. It's fun, though!
    Have a great quarter at WWU!