Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cold Showers

Just a few minutes ago, I took a cold shower and because I am still shivering, I thought I would write about it. We do not have hot water here at the orphanage. In order to bathe the little babies, they have to heat water in a kettle and mix it with the cold water. The toddlers are not quite as pampered, though…they must deal with the cold water. To be quite honest, I don’t think bathing is looked forward to by anyone here at the orphanage. I try to get away with as few showers as possible because it is so cold. When I finally decide to take one, I turn the water on and simply stand there looking at it trying to wrap my mind around the fact that my whole body will be under that water soon. After gasping some and holding my breath, it is not so bad because your body kind of gets used to it. Let me tell you something, though—I have never been so excited to get out of the shower as I am here! Even though cold showers are not my favorite, this little write-up is not meant to be a complaint at all. Cold showers are teaching me how to be efficient and quick, which I suppose is a valuable lesson. Also, when we do not have power for a few days in a row and the water tank runs out, we do not have any running water at all! The experience of having no running water for a few days in a row made me extremely thankful for water in general…even my cold water!


  1. Awwww Beth...that made me shiver! Kinda like jumping in a cold creek eh? You have such a creative and entertaining way of sharing with us! Sure do enjoy your posts. Hoping for warmer showers in your future! Love you, Auntie Karen xoxo

  2. if it makes you feel a tad bit better I had the honor of being blessed with cold showers as well.. something was wrong with our hot water, today it was really exciting to finally get a hot/warm one! I'm glad that your keeping your upbeat outlook on life! I'm praying for you! Thanks for all your prayers as well! They mean so much, glad we could talk today!

  3. What in the world? When I got there last year I had cold showers and the girls in the apartment had hot water. Finally, after a month of telling the ADRA campus manager that my shower needed fixing he finally got around to getting someone in to do it and I finally had kind of warm water. Guess putting in those solar panels didn't do much for the water situation at the apartment, eh? Hope something gets worked out cause that was supposed to be done months ago.