Monday, August 29, 2011

The Nursery

                                                                                Me and Upendo

All of the babies 0-6 months live in the nursery which is across the driveway from the big house. I love my shifts in the nursery because I can just pick up any darling baby and cuddle with it! Definitely a dream job. When you open the door, the smell of baby oil, baby formula, and baby powder comes wafting out. Currently, there are 9 babies in the nursery and we are expecting one more to arrive soon. To see the babies smile and giggle is the highlight of the job, whereas changing their diapers is the less glamorous part. 3-month old baby Charles spit up all over me yesterday and I'm pretty sure it was ALL the milk I had just fed him. Although it was gross, he was a lot happier afterward! I don't have pictures of all of the babies yet, but here's a peak into the nursery.


  1. Such beautiful babies...gorgeous brown eyes...snuggle them for me too! xoxo

  2. O my word Beth these babies are sooooo adorable!!!! I'm loving them from a distance! <3

  3. Wow, Rose looks a lot like Clara just before she moved over to the big house! Aww, nursery babies are so cute :) AND I love that you took a picture of the ducks! My friend (who taught Davona's daughters and the older Cradle kids last year) got those in a package last year around Christmas. We had fun with them :)

  4. Molly's eyelashes are gorgeous! And the one of sleeping Upendo is precious too! I just want to cuddle them all!!