Monday, January 30, 2012


Watoto means children...just in case you were wondering. I didn't have anything creative to title this post, so I simply decided to call it what it is: children! It's just an update of some more pictures of the babes and every day life here.

unsure about the bath...
lovin' the bath!
Eric playing in the bucket

 For the first few months I was here, Lucy never smiled...and now look at her! She's a doll! And she loves being upside-down :)

My dear Dotto...always gotta have that finger
                                                         though the outfit may be deceiving, Abdi is a boy

 We go on lots of walks! Yesterday we walked to ADRA, which is simply across the compound, but  with toddlers, it never get's old. You can always find something a new bug or a leaf, or a fallen fruit or a new here is truly an adventure!  This is Sarah in front of one of the ADRA huts with Emmanuel tied to her back. Behind that is Mt. Meru...which we shall begin climbing tomorrow!!!

 This is my new favorite picture.  Amity is one of the funniest characters here. She reminds me of a squirrel...not only in her looks, but her actions. She's a darling girl, but can throw the biggest temper-tantrums. Whenever I see her face, I can't help but smile because her expressions are so original and fantastic.  In this picture, she's squished between 2 year-old Kurwa and one of the nannies. No one seemed to notice that she was being squished and she just had this priceless face on while wondering if she should start complaining or just tough it out.

Selemani and Nancy

                                                Hidaya with her not yet ripe avocado found on the ground.  

Nanny Gracie with Tom

Upendo and I! We took a self-portrait like this when she was a newborn  and just brought to the nursery. So now we have a matching picture almost 6 months later. It's so much fun to watch babies grow!

This is the usual view from our little deck off the back of our apartment

Sarah and the babies waiting for juice

"Wema! Clara! Look at Bethany and smile!" I exclaimed. They both looked at me like I was the most boring person in the world and then purposely looked away...they do like me most of the time, though :)

rocks provide endless fun!

If we never had to take these kids out of the swings to let others have a turn, I'm pretty sure they would happily sit there and rock back and forth all day. They love the swings!


  1. Wow. You know that feeling you get in your heart and mind before you are about to experience something amazing, life changing, exciting, and you don't yet really know what how it will affect/effect you, but your heart beats fast at the whole concept....that's me, after seeing these pictures...I am so there next week! :) So excited! One more pair of arms to help you all!

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  3. And I think I will go unpack any white pants I had packed!!!

  4. Hi Big Sister,
    I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of the kids. Thanks for the posting. I am kind of wishing that I had made it over there to see you and all the kids. But alas, it was not to be. Perhaps if you go back and visit sometime, I can come along and be your Canadian Masai bodyguard. I will carry a hockey stick and not a spear and probably not look very intimidating. Barely a month until you come home. We are so looking forward to it, yet there is a little sadness in my heart for the kids because I know they will miss you.

  5. Bethany, thank you so much for sharing your adventures & all the wonderful pictures! You are truly a blessing to these beautiful children. Pictures do speak a thousand words & I look forward to seeing more of the children & hearing all the stories. Your aunty Karen shared your blog when raising funds to join you in Africa & asked if I had any baby quilts made up for missions. I was honored to be asked & made some to send with her. May you continue to be blessed as you serve God by showering love & grace upon the children & those you work with. Thanks again for sharing =)