Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Little Jeremiah

Can a baby get any cuter than this? Though I may be bias, I don't really think so! Maybe you remember the post I made mid-December about visiting Mt. Meru Hospital to collect two new babies, Tom and Jerry. Well if you remember that one, you would also remember that little Jerry captured my heart as I carried him home from the hospital.

Well, I am still in love with him and he's growing like crazy! He is much more alert now, which is adorable because he makes the funniest faces. He has a head full of hair and his cheeks are so pudgy! I took a couple of pictures of him in the nursery during my last shift and thought I would share them with you. Jeremiah is 1.5 months old now and he's a special little boy.


  1. Beth, he is SO handsome! Hopefully I can see some of your babies one day!
    God Bless,

  2. Oh, he is absolutely precious! Wonderful pictures. Enjoy all the cuddles with him!

  3. He has grown so much since the first pictures you posted. Can't wait to lay a smooch on him in a few weeks! :)