Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Snapshots: A Weekend at the Mowat's Cabin

Hiking, sitting, lounging, eating, skiing, boarding, boating, and reading! Our weekend was full of fun at the Mowat's cabin on Shuswap Lake. 

                                                                              Me & Daddy
                                                                             Albas Falls
                                                                          the Cookster
                                                                         Ryan & Karen
                                                               Mowat's + Gerbers = a bunch of happy campers

                                                                     Sarah's spray
                                                                    Robs carving up the lake
                                                                     Katie sings as she skis!
                                                                          Beau's big splashes
                                                                          the boat crew
                                                             Robs and Katie on the knee-boards
                                                                        Uncle Ryan
                                                                            Ryan the pro!
                                                                    a classic Robby face :)
                                                                      our pro jump!                        


  1. So cute! You look like you're having a blast, Bethy! I miss you so much. Do you know that I'm on the other side of the world right now? In Asia? I'm South of Indonesia and North of Australia on a little island called Timor. I'm teaching 5th grade. It is so fun, but I miss dear friends like you! Hugs!

  2. Dear Beth. I. Miss. You. Love, Sonya

  3. I LOVE these! Shuswap is a favourite and I definitely miss that lake and those gorgeous mountains.

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  5. You finally POSTED! Haha... I've been faithfully checking your blog and was so happy to see new pictures! And cute ones at that! Love the little updates on your life!