Friday, August 30, 2013

First Day

Cradle of Love road
Brooklyn and I woke up early friday morning partly because of jet lag and partly from excitement. We went to the nursery where two of my dearest nanny-friends happened to be waking up from their nightshift and surprised them. It was a pretty special reunion. We stayed there in the nursery for awhile and helped get the babies ready for the day then moved onto the big house where there were so many familiar faces and smells. It is just SO good to see everyone and to be here.

A friend's house....she wasn't home. Hopefully she'll be there today!
Brooklyn and Anita
on our little walk to visit friends
Mama Ndizi! (The banana lady!!) I visited this woman countless times with the preschoolers to buy bananas. We would all just sit there and eat them with her and I never knew if she liked it or was annoyed with us because she doesn't speak a word of English or smile very often. However, I gave her a picture of us all together with some little gifts and she was so excited! This was definitely a highlight of the day.
This is the picture I gave her :)

I took Brooklyn to the playground at the near by college where we used to take the kids for preschool. 

She enjoyed it almost as much as the preschoolers did! It probably would have been more fun with some friends, though. 

Zawadi! She was one of the first babies I met here 2 years ago. She has so much personality now!
My little Jeremiah! He's all grown up and so sweet!


Bebe Helen! So good to see her!

Big birds in the back yard


  1. Oh Beth...the memories are overwhelming me. The Banana Lady has not changed...the children are so beautiful and have grown so much. Jeremiah is so handsome.Brooklyn must be loving this experience so much. Thank you for the update. I am just smiling with tears in my eyes at every picture. Anita is looking terrific. Every photo is amazing. Love you. xoxo Auntie xoxo

  2. Awww, love these! The picture of you and the Banana Lady is great, and it's so good to see you back with some of your babies again (and Brooklyn there, too)! Even though I don't know any of the babies currently at CoL, I know them through others' pictures, and it's good to see them looking so well and healthy.

  3. BABY JEREMIAH!!!!!!!!!! How big he has gotten!

    I loved trying to sell ndizi with Mama Ndizi :) She's one of my favorite :)