Thursday, August 29, 2013

We're Here!

Cute little traveler ready for her first flight!

Saying goodbye

Here we go!

Brooklyn's first meal on the plane....just so happened to be mac n' cheese - her favorite!

Sunrise out of the airplane window as we got ready to land in Amsterdam

Experiencing Amsterdam in the airport :)

more fun in the airport!

From Amsterdam, we had an 8-hour-flight to Kilimanjaro airport!  It was SO exciting getting off the plane and driving down the familiar roads to Cradle of Love. It's been dark ever since we arrived so we're looking forward to seeing everything and everybody in the morning. We're staying in one of the ADRA huts tonight, which is a treat because it has a hot shower and nice beds and it's right on the compound.

Here is a photo of Brooklyn sitting like a princess with her mosquito net draped above her in our little home for the night.

                                                        The adventures begin tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful pictures. Okay, so I am getting ready to buy Brianna's plane tickets to Tanzania. What airline did you fly. I like your route. I do not want a flight that takes her off to Egypt, or Ethiopia with a 15 hour layover where she has to leave the airport and take a rickety old bus across the town to some motel with no locks - been there, done that, don't like that option for my daughter. Anyway, I am wondering if you were able to get your ticket for about 2 thousand?

    1. Thank you! We flew on KLM and it was very nice, quick and easy. 8.5 hour flight from Seattle to Amsterdam, a couple hours there, and then an 8 hour flight from Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro! I think our plane tickets cost about that much as well.

  2. Ah Bethy! Girl, you are back in Africa...!! :) What a special time you and Brooklyn will have! Love you <3

  3. Yay, so excited for you two! Can't wait to read about your adventures and see the accompanying pictures!

  4. I love this so much! Tell Brooklyn she should have bought those Holland shoes, they looked good with her outfit :)