Tuesday, November 15, 2011

11/11/11 Nina, Anya, Tessa

The date on Friday was pretty cool, being the 11th day of the 11th month of the year 2011. Since many things happened on Friday, I will share them with you really quick as well as introduce you to Nina, Anya, and Tessa!
-I gave my first English test to my class 6 students in school and I have an enormous stack of grading to do. 
-We had no power or water all night or all day, so we had to carry big buckets of water to the orphanage from somewhere nearby that had a stash. 
-Lilli and I took the dala dala into Usa for some chips mayai at lunch because we were craving it and then of course had to pick up some mandazi for dessert (I love having super cheap food so easily accessible!)
-Some nurses from a hospital came and dropped off a new baby named Tumaini, meaning hope, because his 18 year old mother died and no one knows who the father is.
-This evening Sarah made banana bread...she thought I told her to put in 3 cups of sugar when I actually said 3/4 cup...so we had a very sweet loaf of banana bread. It's yummy, but you can only have so much before you get your fill of sweetness.

-The most significant event of the day, though, was saying goodbye to Nina, Anya, and Tessa, our triplets. They just turned 3 years-old and it was time for them to move on. Originally, they were quadruplets, but their brother died when he was a baby. Their mother died when they were born and the father had no means to take care of them. He is an older Maasai man and he visited the orphanage every once in a while. The triplets were terrified of him, though, and would shriek and scream whenever they saw him. Because the family is too poor to feed 3 more mouths and we wanted the girls to get an education, the girls went to a Maasai school near Arusha. This is a boarding school/ orphanage for Maasai girls who need a home and education. The school was started by some Germans who wanted to preserve the children's cultural heritage, but also rescue them from many of the tribes unhealthy practices. It's a wonderful place and I think the triplets will flourish there.
                          From left to right: Nina, Anya, Tessa in their new outfits before going to the Maasai school. Tessa has lighter skin and looks quite different from her sisters, but I still have trouble telling Nina and Anya apart sometimes.
                                            They each got a new pair of shoes before they left and this excited them greatly!

Nina, Anya, and Tessa are a handful! They are wild, yet so lovable. Sometimes, I wanted to pull out all of my hair while teaching pre-school because they would be so crazy and disobedient, yet at other times, I was so proud of them for learning something new, that I couldn't stop smiling and hugging them. They're smart girls and full of life and fun. Every night when we tucked them into their beds, and draped their mosquito net over them, they would say with puckered lips, "I want to kishu! I want to kishu!"... so we would all get many juicy goodnight kisses from the triplets. We miss them already, but will be praying for them and definitely going for visits!


  1. Beth...these girls look to be delightfully mischievous! I pray they are loved and adored in their new home as much as they have been with you! xoxo

  2. Oh, I love them so much! Cradle won't be the same without their laughs and smiles. Thanks for featuring them and showing their before-departure pictures. Did someone go along with them to their new home? I hope there are some pictures because I would love to see where they are living now. I'm so happy they will be together and that they are close enough to Cradle to get visits from the volunteers.

    PS - I, too, had a hard time telling Nina and Anya apart at first, but it became quite easy when I realized that Nina had a preference for me. She, rather than Anya, always ended up in my arms. After that it was simple!

  3. Beth, I love reading your blog :) When I'm procrastinating my studying, its great to know what you're up to! We should talk sometime soon... I hope you don't miss these 3 girls too much, I'm sure God has some great plans for them and I'm sure you made a difference in their lives. You're the best! Take care friend of mine :)

    -Stephanie H

  4. I have to agree with steph... I read your blog when I really should be studying, haha! But it is well worth every minute of time it takes to read! I love you so much and I'm really excited about your new blog look! Glad you didn't settle for less, eh? Ttys! Much love from the Michigan Mel girl to the beautiful Beth girl! <3