Thursday, November 3, 2011

Claire's Exciting Day

  I know I wrote about this story a long time ago now. It's been almost a month since Claire picked Selemani up from the orphanage to be her son. I wanted to post some pictures of the event, though, because it was special and I want to show you a glimpse of what other orphanages look like. The picture above is of Claire holding her official letter of permission to start fostering Selemani. Upendo, our social worker is sitting with her.

                                                                                         Claire picks up Selemani out of the crowd
                                                                                             A cute boy wanders in last for supper
                                                                                                   The dining room
                                                                                                         Beautiful boy
                                                                                Supper was a small bowl of pop corn with Chai tea
                                                                                         Selemani eating his last meal at the orphanage
                                                                                         Happy Watoto's resident kitten
                               I was quite ready to adopt the kitten while Claire adopted Selemani, but they told me no.

                                                                                               The grounds of Happy Watoto
                                                                             Selemani & Claire setting out on their new life together
                                                                                        Beautiful sky on the way home

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