Friday, November 11, 2011

Selemani turns 3

On November 3, Selemani turned 3! Claire threw a big birthday bash at her house and invited 7 lovely girls from Cradle of Love as well as 3 volunteers, and 3 staff members, MamaMusa, Batilda, and Upendo. They got out some beautiful dresses for the little girls and did their hair up nice and fancy for the party. Claire painted their faces and we all ate delicious food and played some games. Selemani was the only boy at the event, but I suppose that just made him even more special! (At the moment, all of the eldest children at the orphanage are girls and we thought they would probably enjoy the party the most...that's why all the guests are of the same gender) I don't think Selemani minded, though  :)

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  1. Absolutely love the pictures! I drank them all up, especially the ones of the twins!! They look so grown up with their awesome fluffy hair :D Thanks for taking lots of pictures of them while they were still at Cradle. Hope you and the other volunteers can visit them in their new home from time to time.