Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby Rehema

Baby Rehema with her new mother
I introduced a “meet the children” series here on my blog a month or so ago and have been doing terrible at updating it. I believe you have only met chubby George and twins, Kurwa and Dotto so far. I also introduced you to twins, Hope and Lazaro before they left Cradle of Love as well as the triplets, Nina, Anya, and Tessa. We have some more children due to leave this month and it’s going to be really hard for me to see some of them go. I will do my best to let you catch a glimpse of them before they leave.
Last month, one of our beautiful babies named Rehema, about 8-months-old, was adopted and taken home with her new family. She was one of those perfect babies who never cried and simply sat on the ground happily like a little doll while all the other babies screamed and cried around her. She had big brown eyes and one of the cutest smiles.
Rehema was found abandoned as a newborn in a pit latrine with maggots in her ears and nose. Her transformation was amazing. She is a miracle baby and I think God clearly has a plan for this beautiful girl’s life.  He sent someone with compassion to find her and draw her up out of the deep filth.  God did the same for us by sending his Son to die on the cross. He is willing to pull us out of the deep, filthy pit of sin and and offer us a new life by His grace and love. Though I was never literally stuck and left to die in a pit latrine like baby Rehema, I have still experienced a life transformation very similar and I praise God everyday for His grace and overwhelming, life-changing power.

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  1. Beth!
    What a beautiful little baby girl! It makes me want a little one really bad...but I will wait :) It must give your soul such a thrill to see these little children go to loving homes! I love and miss you and I am continuing to pray for you! Pray for me as I look into what God has planned for my life!
    Sweet thoughts,