Thursday, December 1, 2011

Black & White

 The other day, I had this great idea to do a photo shoot! Haha...I soon learned that it really wasn't such a great idea, because it's really hard to take pictures of babies...especially in large numbers. But since we thought it might be fun, we randomly selected eight babies and got out some fresh white clothes for them. During the whole process, we had two massive diaper soak-throughs (gross) and also Kurwa peed her pants (she's potty-training). Amity was not happy to participate in this photo-taking activity so she switched between pouting and screaming the whole time. None of the clothes stayed white for very long and the morning ended up being quite entertaining.  (Below from left to right, we have Amani who is crying because Patrick beside him has the stick that he wants. Patrick is upset that Rahman is pulling on his shirt to help turn himself around. Whitness doesn't really care why everyone else is unhappy. She just observes them as she claps her hands contentedly. Princess on the end is perhaps wishing she was somewhere else)

Big man, Mark with Whitness

Rahman's sweet smile

Patrick reaching to be picked up


  1. Precious!! Ahhhh... they are almost too cute to handle!

  2. What a GREAT photo shoot idea!! I LOVE the black babies wearing white clothes. They all look so angelic, no matter what expression is on their faces. Love Patrick and Witness so much! Rahman is looking soo well and happy. I love the picture of him by himself! And Mark! Wow, he looks so grown up and suave in the picture of him and Witness. :) Love them all! Thanks so much for the post!!