Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad!

This is my dad.
I love him very much.
He turns 51 today.
This is the first time that I am not home for his birthday to celebrate with the family.
So today, my blog is a tribute to my Dad.
Daddy, I just wanted to let you know that I love you 10,000 times more than the number of diapers I’ve changed during these last few months and I miss you.
Some of my babies and I tried to make a video for you last night and it kind of worked…so be looking for that on facebook when I can get access to strong enough internet to upload it.
Thanks for being such a great dad! I thank God every day that He is my heavenly Father and that He gave me you to be my father here on earth.

I'll share with you some random facts about my dad:

-he loves nature and wildlife

-he’s a hockey super star

-he loves potlucks at the Korean church and the Filipino church

-he loves to play his trumpet…even in our VW Jetta as he drives

-he has beautiful light blue eyes that twinkle when he really smiles or laughs

-in my younger years, he used to sing me lullabies and give me puppet shows every night without fail before I went to sleep

-He loves to dress up...even if it's for his little girls' birthday parties

 -He loves the christmas tree and never wants to throw it out when Christmas is over

-he likes to make people laugh

-he’s pretty good at imitating accents

-he has a thing for corny jokes, which are sometimes not so funny
                                                            -he's a great skier and loves snow

-his facial hair grows super fast so he’s always growing a beard and then shaving it down in some new, weird and creative way until he is clean-shaven again

-he was a fisherman for years and will always have it in him at heart

-he always dresses for the occasion. On Remembrance day, he faithfully has his poppy. During the Christmas season, he tries to wear red and green and rein deer antlers as much as possible. For the breast-cancer “run for the cure” he wore a pink bathrobe. When he is doing something involved with children for church, he’s sure to wear his tie with pictures of children on it….etc

 -When we travel, he packs everything into and onto our little car and it looks somewhat like this. (not quite as bad, though)

-he loves doing random acts of kindness or simply helping people in any way, shape, or form. He has a giving and compassionate heart.

-he has a soft spot for the elderly and could quite happily spend much more time (than he already does)  in nursing homes visiting old folks and listening to their stories


 -his hair is turning gray and his eyes crinkle more when he smiles, but he only gets more handsome with the years.
-he has been married to his beautiful wife, Bonnie for 25 years

 With those last couple of thoughts, I will leave you with a verse, Dad. It’s Proverbs 16:31: “The silver-haired head is a crown of glory, if it is found in the way of righteousness.” 
At first you might chuckle to yourself at the fact that I found a verse for you about gray hair, but if you read it carefully, it's really a cool verse. I like it.
This silver-haired crown has started to create itself on your head as a result of 51 years of growing, education, working, marriage, life experiences, learning from mistakes, observing others, parenting, waiting, and countless other things God has brought into your path. Since you have loved and honored God throughout it all, he sees your gray hair as a crown of glory.
When I read this verse in Proverbs, it put a smile on my face and made me proud to have a dad with a silver crown of glory on his head. Let this verse only inspire you to honor God more every day, spending more time with Him and learning from Him. Though you’re one year older today, you’re still a child in His eyes and He’s got a lot more to teach you, as He does for all of us. Let this crown continue to be found in the way of righteousness, Dad.
I’m proud to be able to look up to you.
I love you lots!
Happy Birthday
Love, Sis


  1. Wow, Beth...such a touching and honoring tribute to your Daddy. He is all of the things you mentioned for sure. I am also proud to call him my Brother. You didn't have any pictures of him asleep at all the family functions though...yet he would claim that even though his eyes are closed, he is still listening. Love you Beth. xo

  2. How special!! You have one amazing Dad.

  3. I agree, and he has one amazing girl!

  4. Bethany--what an amazing tribute to your Dad! I'm sure it made his birthday very, very special. Thanks for sharing this with all of us! God bless.

  5. Oh, Beth! You almost made me cry! You are such a sweet girl, and I really look up to you. I hope that one day I can make my daddy feel the way I'm sure yours felt when he read this. I love you and miss you bunches! Merry Christmas!

  6. Katie encouraged me to read this and I am glad I did. You have been blessed with a wonderful father and I am sure it is not easy being apart at this time of year especially. God bless you, dear Bethany, as you love and care for those without earthly fathers.