Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Babies

Amity, Rehema, and Wema



Chubby George on the left and serious Gloria on the right.  (Gloria has a beautiful smile, but she didn't feel like sharing it at the moment)

Georgie-porgie again

We get a lot of clothing donations here at Cradle of Love and somehow, we've collected quite the stash of Christmas clothes in and among it all. Since we never use these outfits, Claire and I decided we should dress up some of the little ones and do a photo shoot! Aren't they simply adorable?!?

By the way, the picture at the top of my blog is of David and Silvamos. In one of my first blog posts, I have pictures of them premature and only a week old, weighing barely 2kg each. They lived in our apartment for two months and grew strong and healthy. Now they're almost 5 months and the cutest little chubby boys ever!


  1. Incredibly beautiful children. Each one so unique and precious. George's smile...I just have to snuggle him ASAP! All of the children are precious and so perfect. I pray for each one. Kisses to them all for Christmas. Thank you for all you do to tenderly care for them. xoxo

  2. (I went a little heavy on the 'precious' this post, but I can't help it! :)

  3. Oh Beth, what beautiful babies! Merry Christmas to you and all the rest...and give those babies extra cuddles for me!

  4. Beth, I LOVE this one! Those babies are sooooo cute! And I love chubby babies, so George is just perfect! Wow, how cute!