Monday, October 31, 2011

Doto & Kurwa

Welcome to the "Meet the Children" series here on my blog! Every single one of these babies and toddlers have such different personalities and characters. I have grown to love and enjoy everyone of them! There are times when I don't necessarily enjoy a few of them...the temper-tantrum throwers to be exact, but they all have their adorable and lovable moments too. Since you are not able to meet these kids in person and witness for yourself their first steps, sweet giggles, jabbering, screaming, slobbering, stinky diapers, biting, and pulling your hair, my goal is to introduce you to them, as realistically as possible, through pictures and a bit of writing.
These kids come from a variety of different backgrounds and tribes and I find their stories to be very interesting. As sad as some of them are, it's amazing to see where they come from and why they are now here at Cradle of Love. One thing is for sure -  if they were not here, they wouldn't be alive right now. They are blessed to be here and I feel blessed to know them. I love being a part of their every-day life and watching them grow. They probably won't remember me when I move on and they grow older, but I pray that God will pour His love through me and into them while we're together and create a basis for their characters to build on - a Godly basis of love, security, and confidence that they can carry through their childhood years no matter where they are or what their future holds. I pray that God will give each one of them the assurance of His fatherly love and guidance and provide the opportunity to get to know Him as a friend.
The pictures above are of twins, Doto and Kurwa. They are extremely sweet children. Neither of them fall into the temper-tantrum category, which is a lovely characteristic. They are helpful, selfless, a bit timid at times, and very funny. Kurwa is brighter than Doto and has been attending pre-school for a few months now. Doto has just joined us, though, and is catching on quickly. Kurwa has meat on her bones, and Doto is like a little string bean. Doto actually reminds me of Sid the sloth from the movie "Ice Age." I'm not entirely sure why, but maybe it's the way he talks or his facial expressions. He has giant eyeballs that almost pop out and a huge forehead to compliment them. You have to admit he's cute, though, and if you heard him say, "I love you," you would just melt right into a puddle. Kurwa has the cutest laugh and sparkling eyes. She can count to 10 in English and Swahili and she's a fast learner. I don't know if it is because her cloth diaper is so big or what the deal is, but her walk is much more of a waddle...quite similar to a penguin.
Doto and Kurwa are here because their mother died at childbirth and their father is so poor he cannot take care of them. They will move onto another children's home or orphanage with in the next year.They're two-years-old now and I love them to bits!


  1. Wow, they are two cuties. I loved reading your descriptions, they were enlightening and humorous. I am so glad that God created a resiliency in kids that allows them to put the sadness of their young lives behind them, and be able to shine and grow without being under that dark cloud.

  2. Love this new blog features! Great idea! It'll be fun to see pictures of all the kids and your descriptions.