Sunday, October 23, 2011

Banana Muffins

A week ago, we made banana muffins for preschool! The kids got to stick their fingers in and mash the bananas, taste the salt, taste the sugar, taste the flour, taste the butter, etc. They LOVE tasting things. In fact, they eat everything. In class, they eat their crayons, their paper, glue..whatever you give them! Their favorite thing to do is pick up garbage off the ground and pretend it's gum. That's probably my fault because I'm always chewing gum and they want to do what I do. But that's besides the point! What I want you to know, is that they had a fun time cooking and eating :) Of course the power had to go out right before we put the muffins in the we had to wait and play some counting games and hope it would turn on again. Thankfully, it did, and the banana muffins were delicious.


  1. This seriously makes my heart so happy! I love seeing how happy and excited they all are to be so involved in the cooking and eating of yummy treats. Great idea and wonderful pictures :)

  2. What happy, fun pictures!!! And what a great activity for these kids to participate in... I love the beautiful smiles and the feeling of coziness that is in these shots!!! So glad you are having lots of fun experiences and making lots of memories to take back home with you. :-)

  3. Looks like you were all having a blast! :D I bet cooking for them was the funnest experience ever! I just wanted to say that I LOVE reading what you write on your blog, your words come alive and it just makes me miss you and being with you! I'm sure those kids are wanting to chew on everything because they want to be like you!!! Cause I mean who wouldn't want to be like you?!??