Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day Hike on Mt. Meru

                                                                        Mt. Meru forest
                Triumphant Claire                                          Many Colobus monkeys live in the trees
There was a mixture of forest and jungle,both of which were beautiful! The jungle was like a giant playground.

These children scurry up the trees like it's a piece of cake. I tried it, and it's not!They carry big knives to chop the branches down for firewood.
 Mountain life is quite different from city life in Arusha. It's peaceful, beautiful, fresh, and the air is cooler. Little houses and villages are scattered everywhere. These people work hard to support themselves.
 These children are some of the tree-climbers that were cutting firewood. They scampered down the trees to get a better look at us, "mzungus".
                                                       This woman is carrying her bundle of grass home
                                 This is a Eucalyptus forest and it smells a giant spa.
                                                       The sunset over Mt. Meru is spectacular!


  1. Wow, Beth! These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I especially love the one of the children amongst the trees and the amazing African sunset. It's funny, because last week Mom and I went to the zoo, and I remember seeing those black and white monkeys in their tiny little cage. Here they are in the wild!! :) Love you! Miss you!

  2. What beautiful pictures!!! Every time I read your blog I get the sense that you are on a wonderful African adventure. You are seeing so many new and exciting things over there!!! You're going to come home with a seriously expanded view of the world, Beth. I pray for you often!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures of scenes I miss so much! So glad you're getting to experience it all, too :)