Friday, October 7, 2011

Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush

                                                                          Lazaro - proud of his pink lipstick and fingers

                                                                                          More berries!!!

                                                                                           Ellinipa makes funny faces
                                                                         intently watching the monkey chase...
                                                             ...she wants the whole handful, but she's only allowed one at a time
                                                                                   Anita and Hope caught red-handed :)
                                                                                               Eric and Rahim
                                                                            Gracie surrounded by children begging for berries

                                                                                Eric with Lilli's stolen glasses

As soon as we step outside, the kids make a bee-line for the mulberry bush! They LOVE these berries. I have always known of the children's song, "Here we go 'round the mulberry bush," but never actually known what mulberries were until I got here! Maybe everyone already knows what they are and I'm just behind the times, but for those of you who, like me, were not educated on the topic of mulberries, they are like long and skinny blackberries with out the thorns on the bush...they're great. Though the mulberry bush gets attacked by babies at least once every other day, somehow there is always a new supply of ripe berries for the kids to eat every time we venture out. They clear off the bottom layer that is within their reach very quickly then, with red sticky fingers, faces, and clothes, they reach up to the higher branches begging for more. The monkeys watch us with curious eyes and some of the brave ones come sit relatively close. Last time we were out for a berry-picking session, Grace, one of the nannies, thought she would chase one of the monkeys. Bad idea. It chased her instead! There was a mixture of laughing, screaming, and crying from the kids and it definitely caused some excitement. I was quite scared to be honest..those monkeys have big teeth and I really thought he was going to take a chunk out of her! I'm a naive mzungu (white person), though. Having monkeys in the backyard is still kind of new to me. I'm sure that's not the first time she has chased a monkey...or been chased by a monkey. She seemed fairly confident in between her shrieks :)


  1. Maybe your mulberries are better then ours, I dont like the ones we have here all that well! Also are grow on big trees... but my brothers and sisters love to bike down the road to eat them too! :) All the pictures are super cute, and I love the title for this post! I think I've here that song once before.. its a cute one!

  2. I never knew about mulberries until I got to Tanzania either! I think before that I always kind of thought of them as something from a fairy tale, not real berries. Mulberries, at least the ones in TZ, are so delicious, though! I miss eating them during breaks from work. Love your pictures of the kids and nannies and LOVED the story about nanny Grace and the monkey!!