Saturday, October 1, 2011

First Preschool Field Trip

                                                                           Simon Says...
                                                                             point to your belly button!
                                                                                they love comparing bellies
                                                                                             Ring around the Rosie
                                                                                       Lilli & Jackie
                                                                                        Hope waving to the Eland
                                                                                      Sarah pointing out the Eagle's big wings
                                                                              Observing the porcupines

                                                              Tessa & Anya peaking over the wall at the porcupine
                                                                ...this is a typical Tessa face when you ask her to smile
The reason there are not many pictures of the animals WITH the children on this field trip is because the kids were petrified of the animals. They screamed and cried whenever one got near them...they don't get out much. So we ended up playing a lot of games in the grass like Simon Says, Ring around the rosie, duck-duck-goose, etc.  The kids eventually got a little bit more brave and said hello to some of the animals near the end of our trip so it was educational. It was great to get them out of the orphanage compound to see some animals in real life! Even though they were scared a lot of the time, we all had fun!

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  1. I love these pictures! I especially love the first one where you are laughing among the children. I can nearly hear your laughter! So precious. Can't wait to meet all these Little Ones in Heaven some day! xoxo