Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Here are some pictures from yesterday and today. Warning...there are a lot! 
There are at least 10 toddlers that were here when I was here and they're the "big kids" now. It's so fun to play with them and hear them talk and laugh. There are quite a few photos of them! Brooklyn wanted me to take pictures of her and her three favorite little boys in the nursery, so that explains the opening three photos.  Enjoy the rest!

Brooke & Gifty
Brooke & Bensoni

Brooke & Edgar

Nanny Mwamvua is due in a month!!
All the nursery babies!
Dear friend & nanny, Anita, holding Bensoni

Brooklyn feeding the little ones

Immanuel is a character! He talks all the time and smiles non-stop!


Noeli enjoying the swings!

Wonderful women!

Look at Charles!



Little Ray-Ray! Now Raymond is a big, handsome boy! 
Mr. Charles

Gloria is a big girl now!

Dear friend and nanny, Pamela

Christina and Charles
Brooklyn with the sweet social worker, Harriet in the office

gotta love those chubby legs!

getting tired...
Monkeys eating berries behind the nursery

 After our day with the kids, we went to visit Neema, another friend & nanny who was pregnant when I left. She was actually one of the first friends I made when I was here before because she saved me in Arusha the first time I tried to venture out on my own. I was totally lost and had no idea where I was and realized it was very foolish of me to try and be adventurous on my own right off the bat. I'm pretty sure God sent her to me in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the crowds right before I burst into tears. Ever since, she holds a special place in my heart. Her beautiful daughter is 1 year and 3 months now!! We brought her some gifts and they were so excited about each little item. It always puts a smile on to watch the children play with the balloons.
Me and Neema's baby Catherine!

There were about 7 other kids who were related some how and hanging around so we gave them all balloons. They slobbered all over them, tried to blow them up, but could not....So, lucky me got to blow up every balloon that had been in every little mouth there. Kinda gross, but it was an honor :)
Neema's mother with her and the baby and some cousins
Grandma and grand-daughter
Mama & Catherine
 On the way back from Neema's visit, we stopped at the Duka (shop) where we always got the babies juice and Mandazi and went for walks. We got Brooklyn her first Mandazi! (Deep-fried bread with a little extra sugar) It was a hit..as I expected. The same Mama sits in that shop day in and day out...nothing has changed. Another pillow made of African fabric rags is hanging in her window. I bought one of them when I was here and it's sitting on my bed at home :) She's a dear lady!



  1. I just loved this post! All the precious babies, and you and Brooklyn clearly having an amazing time! I would have a hard time picking a favourite picture... :)

  2. Terrific photos, Beth. Those babies have grown so much. Many new faces, some very familiar. My heart is there with you and Brooke.xo

  3. The one with Brooke and Edgar, number 3, is really precious!! And I also love the one of Immanuel! And of course, the chubby legs are precious!! These remind me of my kiddos in Nicaragua! <3

  4. Awww, all these are wonderful! Loved to see Neema and her baby girl! She is certainly a special lady. Thanks for sharing these!