Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Kids!

On Tuesday, I got to visit SOS Children's Village where 11 of the toddlers I knew and loved at Cradle now live. These are the babies who I taught preschool to, cleaned up after meal times, and tucked in at night. It's probably safe to say I miss them the most and can cry whenever I watch my old videos of them. Most of them are 3 and 4 years old now, with the exception of Hope and Lazaro who are 6. They're talking so much and playing and growing and thriving. My dear friends, Nurse Bathilda and Anita, one of the nannies who cared for most of them since infancy, came with me which made the visit even more special. 
At SOS they have a house momma who cares for them and other "siblings"who range in age. It's truly a beautiful place and it was SO wonderful to see them in such a warm, loving atmosphere to grow up. Hope and Lazaro remembered my name which melted my heart! The others didn't, but they were pretty happy to see us and I'd like to think they remembered our familiar faces and voices and smiles. The visit couldn't have been more special and it was hard to say good bye.

Kurwa & Dotto, my dear twins!!!
Hidaya and the handsome boys
Peter & Eric
Brooklyn meets Dotto
little miss Kurwa

Bathilda, Mark, & Irene
silly Eric
Jackie pushing Whitness on the swing
Anita, Whitness, & Hidaya
Snack time

Bathilda, Hope & Lazaro

Hidaya is still her same silly self! She kept saying "Take a picture again!"  
love her!
miss him!
Brooke, Hope, and Whitness
Another funny Hidaya face
curious Eric
serious Peter
Bathilda playing with the kids
Anita & Jackie
last silly Hidaya face to say good bye! 


  1. Oh Beth...seeing these children again brought a huge lump to my throat...if a lump can be joy, happiness, loneliness, thankfulness and a tinge of sadness, then that's what it was comprised of. They all look so happy and healthy. Thank God for the care they are getting. So happy you could see them all again. I love those little ones and am so happy to see them again, not just surviving...but thriving. xoxox

  2. Oh my goodness, these were so gorgeous! The pictures I've been waiting for! Thank you so much for going to see them (I'm sure it wasn't a hardship for you at all, eh? :) ) and taking pictures to share with us at home. I LOVE how well Whitness looks like she's doing there (I had worries about her when I left, but every time I see her picture now that she's moved to SOS, she looks so happy and healthy!) and of course all the rest, too. Thank you and Brooklyn SOOO much for taking the time to visit SOS and take these pictures! Now, if only we could see how the triplets are doing...

  3. Thanks a million for these photos, the children look healthy and happy-hate the short hair on the girls though! I've bought clothes for Korwa for when I go at the end of November but I may have to go and get a bigger size, she's grown so much
    You are a star Beth x