Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Keeping Busy in Tanzania

friends at church
youth Sabbath school at Usa River SDA church...studying the lesson!
just got back from church with Anita and babies, Vanessa and God's-Light

Bebe Helen & Brooke

one of the coolest ladies ever! 
Brooke & Bebe's grandson, Cliff 

 We were walking around Usa River and saw this guy making bricks, so we thought we'd figure out how it's done. It's a lot of work! 
The brick making process.... step by step:


finished product...

Bebe Helen and I saying farewell after a lovely stay at her place! 

We're having fun!
more visiting with friends
Brooke and Mama Musa walking to Claire's house
Brooklyn, Isabella, Selemani and Nancy!!! (Now Alfie and Layla)
It was so good to see them again all grown up and talking a mile-a-minute!


Fruit Salad at Tanz-Hands!

David & Ashley
Ashley was a former volunteer who is also back for a visit with her husband! Thank you, Ali, for being a mutual friend! It was a pleasure to meet them.

Mt. Meru

Bathilda, Anita, Brook & I in the dala dala
Anita & Brooklyn on a piki piki

at TASS (Adventist boarding academy)
houses just outside the gate of TASS

Today we went swimming at a fancy hotel called Ngurdoto Lodge. The water was freezing..so we mostly just splashed around, but it was fun! Along with us is Mariah Church, daughter of Davona and Max, the directors of Cradle of Love.

Brooklyn's toes and Brooklyn's photography

Usa River
dala dalas

 We bought bananas on the way home and when we were walking back to Cradle, this monkey came charging at us! We saw our lives flash before our eyes and threw a banana at him hoping he would take it and be happy....thankfully it worked!


  1. There are so many wonderful things to comment on in this post! I'll try to remember them all...

    - Bibi Helen! What a wonderful lady! I miss her and her stories while we played with the babies before kulala time.
    - So great to see Brooke with Claire's kids! Although I've seen their pictures a lot through Claire's FB and blogs, it's always nice to see them again. Crazy how much Nancy (Layla) has changed, but still seems so much the same!
    - Tanz-Hands! One of the best places to eat ever!! I miss afternoon walks and lunches there...
    - Yay, you met David and Ashley! I'm so happy you guys could meet! :)
    - I MISS the sight of Mt. Meru every morning. It is such a beautiful mountain!
    - Awesome dala & piki photos! Always an interesting trip on one of those.
    - Love those SDA-themed poles at TASS!
    - Ahhh, Ngurdoto! Such great memories of going swimming there.
    - Awww, so nice to see Mariah again! What a sweetheart!
    - Yikes, scary about that monkey! Glad he was satisfied with the one banana!

  2. These pictures were good. Seems so long ago, but I guess it was.