Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Goodbye again

Ramah, Musa, and Amani

I told them to do a pose...  :)

Bathilda showing us the garden

Bathilda & her helper and the kids!

 Bathilda is the nurse at Cradle of Love and she is a very special lady. I admire her so much because of the way she loves. She is so Christ-like and humble and beautiful. She cares for 4 children now who came from Cradle, some of whom have HIV and one who is severely disabled. The children are so sweet with Vivienne (the disabled girl), they're respectful, so polite, and always beaming, laughing and having fun. To me, this is a sign that they receive much love in Bathilda's home. Bathilda inspires me to love generously like Jesus and to work hard. Her faith is strong and has taught me many lessons! 

We had a lovely meal at her house, explored her garden, and played with the kids. Rhoda, one of the nannies, and her daughter, Heavenlight, also came over later to join us. 

Rhoda, Bathilda, and I

This visit back to Tanzania was truly a meaningful trip. God blessed Brooklyn and I in so many ways and everything seemed to work out even better than I had imagined it. I definitely feel that God was involved in even the little things when we were visiting people, traveling around, and volunteering. I had so many thoughts while I was there a second time because so much had changed, but yet everything was still the same (Which is something I cannot explain to you, but it was very true)! I'm still sorting through my feelings, but through this trip God provided for me some very valuable things: closure, contentment, perspective, clarity, and more love...my heart felt very full and satisfied as we left. Though it was a bit hard to say good bye again, I know a few things for sure now. 
1. I'm forever thankful for the experience I had as a student missionary in Tanzania 2 years ago
2. I'm so thankful I was able to go back and visit because it was simply something my heart and mind needed to do
3. The people there will always hold a special place in my heart and definitely in my prayers (It would still be very special to visit again sometime!)
4. I'm completely happy to be where I am now, studying in University, and I'm looking forward to whatever lies ahead because I'm even more sure of God's involvement in my life. 

That's just scratching the surface of my thoughts after this trip. I have much more to work over! Maybe I'll write again when my thoughts are more organized. Until then, thank you for your prayers on this trip. Brooklyn and I had a meaningful and wonderful time! Continue to pray for the people there. The babies, the children, the nannies...they're my friends. They've been working hard their whole lives just to keep going. Not to save up for a vacation, not to travel, not to go to college, but simply to live and maybe provide a little extra for the family. While I go back to school, travel, go on weekend trips, rock climb, swim, camp, decorate my college house, etc....the banana lady continues to sit in her spot and sell bananas all day every day and the nannies go to the market once a week to get the things they need and keep on working. Janetti will keep sewing dresses to earn enough to keep the girls in school and pay for their one-room house. Anita, who is working at Cradle, 12 hours away from her 8 siblings and her parents' village, is saving up to go visit them next year. She hasn't seen them in 2 years and she still has to wait one more. She hopes to finish high school one day and go to college to become a secretary.

When I think about the differences between my life and my Tanzanian friends, that is when something just doesn't feel right. I suppose that is what became even more apparent to me upon visiting and what bothers me the most about leaving. Join me in praying for them because I see strong faith in so many of them and I want God to bless them greatly, however different their lives are from our own lives and opportunities in North America. God is good and He not only has a purpose for us, but is involved in the lives of each of His children around the world. That right there gives me peace. 

Ephesians 1:5, 6
Because of His love, God decided to secure our destiny by adopting us as His children through Jesus Christ, according to His good pleasure and will. Let us praise God for His glorious grace which He freely gave us in Christ, the One He so dearly loves.

If you'd like to contribute to Cradle of Love, visit http://cradleoflove.com. So many valuable and precious lives are being loved and raised there. Donations for baby formula, food, and diapers are always needed greatly. Donations go towards the salaries of the nannies as well as all food and resources for the children. If you'd like to donate, visit the website and email the director, Davona, or shoot me an email and I could maybe answer questions that you have.


  1. Wow, Rahma, Musa, and Amani are so much bigger and look so happy and healthy! They are blessed to live with Bathilda!

    Thank you SO much, Beth, for sharing so many wonderful pictures with us as you've been visiting in Tanzania! Though I long to go back there too someday, I am so happy every time a former volunteer returns there and shares pictures with the rest of us who miss our kids. Your trip has done me a world of good. Thanks again! :)

    1. Ali, thank you for all of your comments. They always make me smile! I'm glad you've been able to enjoy the pictures as well. It would be so neat if you could go back and visit some time with your husband. I had planned to visit the triplets, but it didn't end up working out with various different things that got in the way and business. I really wanted to you get some pictures of them and updates for you. Sorry about that :( But I hear from others who have visited that they're just thriving and doing wonderfully so that warms my heart!

    2. Beth, I definitely understand that you weren't able to go to visit the triplets. You certainly did a LOT of visiting while you were in Tanzania, and it doesn't seem like you had a lot of extra time, so I completely understand. I get updates about them from my friend Kezia every now and then (I think she knows some of the nannies who work there), so that keeps me a little bit caught up with them. I'm not sure if Ashley and David were able to go visit them or not, but if so I can't wait to hear how they are! Would love to go back and visit them and many of the other babies sometime before they are all grown up!