Friday, September 6, 2013

Visiting Ksusha

When I was in Tanzania before, I met some wonderful volunteers at different orphanages/organizations. Ksusha was a volunteer and friend from Havillah orphanage. Now, she is living and working at Small Steps for Compassion and is a house Momma to 4 beautiful girls (3 of whom are from Cradle of Love! Happy, Maurine, Princess, and Dorcas). They are each so sweet with quite individual personalities. It's great to see them growing and thriving! Ksusha is also married now with an adorable son of her own named Alim. Their cat just had kittens so it was fun to hold the tiny newborns as well. 

Ksusha with the kittens

Baby Alim


Brooke and a kitten

Adorable kitten...barely walking yet

Brooklyn, Maurine, and kitten

Maurine being silly
The happy bunch!

Brooklyn and the gate

 One or two days after our quick visit, we met up with Ksusha and her husband for lunch in Arusha. There's the little family! 

Baby Alim really took a liking to Brooklyn and stared at her for most of the meal :)


  1. SO wonderful to see Happy-girl again! Thanks for posting the picture with her in it! :)