Monday, September 2, 2013

Ephraim and family!

Before I left in March, 2012

If you followed my blog while I was in Tanzania before, you might recognize this family. I met Ephraim through my volunteering friend, Sonya, who lived near by him. He has several cows, goats, and chickens. He would always let us come by and try milking his cow and have fresh milk, feed us, and visit. He speaks very good English because he is a Safari tour guide. Ephraim works a lot to provide for his family and is now working extra to get tutoring in German so that he can expand his safari tour guide job options. He's a farmer and is also preparing to build apartments in the field behind his house to rent out to students attending Arusha University. He has a beautiful wife and two of the cutest children ever. It's not every day you find such a humble, generous, hard-working person. They are such a sweet and loving family, they inspire me and I've learned a lot about what is important in life from them.

I had no idea if they would be home or if they lived in the same place, but Brooklyn and I walked up there on Sunday afternoon and surprised them. They were all home and were pretty excited! 6-year-old Emmy took quite a liking to Brooklyn and we played and talked and ate some traditional food the Mrs. had just made. They are so generous! I'm so thankful that I met them and that our friendship can be lasting.
Arriving at their house yesterday!

Brooklyn with the family and Emmy's new gifts from her :)
Beautiful Emmy in her new dress!

Estoni is too cute!

After we blew up the balloon, he didn't let go of it the whole time.
These kids are absolutely great!

Pile of bricks Ephraim has made to start building apartments behind his house to rent out to students going to Arusha University.
So many animals! Here's a tiny baby goat :)
 After a nice long visit with the family and playing with Emmy and Estoni, Ephraim walked with us on all the back trails up to the gate of Arusha National Park. On the way, we passed this well.
One year ago, a nine-year-old boy going to fetch the water for his mother, fell in and drown because he could not swim. Children ran to Ephraim's house calling him to come because they knew he could swim...but by the time he got there and jumped in, it was too late. It's simply a tragic story. Ephraim, being the kind of man he is, collected bits of money from all the villagers and took matters into his own hands to have this nice wall, cement opening, and safety lid put around and over the well.

Brooklyn thought she'd try and pull up a bucket of was a struggle

                                                                 but she was successful!

Looking into Arusha National Park
New Colobus Monkey Statue at the gate! ;)
This man has become a great friend!


  1. You certainly met wonderful people during your time in TZ. So great you can visit them all again. This man and his family sound like great friends and good members of their community. (PS - Love your kanga skirt!)

  2. So neat to see this family again. I fondly remember their friendly hospitality. So happy you could visit them.